Therapy without words


Indivuidual and small group sessions

Come and have a Unique experience hearing the gongs play whilst laying in an amazing 6 foot copper pyramid Come nd be held in the space and feel the energy that the pyramid offers you during this time to call your own.   Simply come and be, have the sounds and vibrations wash through you on a cellular level. 

Experience the new 40" Symphonic Gong that will hold the space and help with our healing process.

I offer the opportunity for groups from 1 to 6 people (coming together) bringing your own equipment (mats, blankets etc for warmth and comfort)

Contacct for booking your private session

Cost is £40 for an hour and a half session if up to 4 people come together (so that is only £10 each). If any more than 4 come to a session together it is £10 for each person over the 4 

Look forward to meeting you

Love and namaste ❤️


Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Including a Heart Opening Movement Meditation and Gong Bath

Book privately for a heart opening, transformational cacao ceremony, the Amazon plant medicine known as the ‘Food of the Gods’ and the ‘Food of Love’.

This includes a heart opening moving meditation releasing into the 4 directions that which is no longer benefitting us and bringing in what is of benefit 

We will ingest pure Cacao, a source of bliss chemicals and antioxidants, whose essence creates a feeling of well-being and happiness, helps and guides us to open our hearts and to experience the transformative power of universal love.

Tibetan Bowl Massage sessions

Session includes using the bowls directly on the body, lasts an hour 

Clients remain fully clothed throughout (please avoid metal and buttons on tops and trousers if possible)

Cost - £35 a session

Four Hour Gong Bath
Next Date TBA

(limited spaces available - booking essential - please contact me for booking)

Contact for further details on 07719 770660 or email sally@soundsforthesoul.co.uk

Spend 4 hours resting and sleeping with the gongs being played continually - a very powerful and profound experience.

All Night Pujas 
Listen to the gongs and sleep in the sounds and vibrations for 8 hours.

A very intense experience that you will remember for a long time.

Next date: To be arranged

Pre-booking essential

Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Meditation Sessions

Group and Individuals

Contact to arrange