The first time I ever heard the gongs I was in awe of the incredibly powerful effect they had on me physically and emotionally, (in fact I came away laughing from a place deep in my soul and continued to laugh into the following day)
I just knew that the gongs were a path I was just about to take. As usual in life a lot of synchronistic events then followed very rapidly I found myself on a gong practitioner training within a week, knowing that I had found what I was meant to be doing in my life. This was back in 2013 and I found myself adding gongs to the other ways I had been working with sound and vibration for some years.

I noticed that with the vibrations and sounds of the gongs various aches and pains in my body improved, and this improvement still continues the more gongin

I am also a fully qualified singing bowl practitioner working as a one to one therapist using Tibetan/Himalayan bowls both on and off the body, and with crystal bowls individually or to groups to add to what I can offer along side the gongs.

I have completed many different trainings over the last 20 years and absolutely none of the other techniques I learnt had the same profound effect so rapidly, and although they were all good in their own right, the gongs were so different and so powerful. 

​I’m so grateful for the foundations that all the other trainings that i have done in the past (including being a Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Fertility Awareness Practitioner, EFT practitioner.

I bring many years' experience and have worked as a nurse (retired March 2017 in order to focus more on sound, and running an Airbnb, choice of two rooms (here and here)including mini retreats), as a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor, doing shamanic soul retrieval, EFT (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and use tuning forks. The tuning fork training was with the School of Inner Sound in London.

Like most people I have wanted to find a way to handle stress, to learn to let go and just 'be' rather that constantly 'do' all the time, this lead me to exploring the field of alternative ways to relax and let go of the busyness of the mind. 

I have chanted mantras for many years, there are different mantras for different effects - for removal of blockages in one’s life, for manifestation and for healing. Sounds and the effects of the vibrations on and through the body are focusing and meditative and have brought me immense calm in my mind and a sense of peace within my body.

​All of my life’s experiences have brought me to this point in time, (both the positive and the negative ones) and all have brought with them learning opportunities; each and every one of them valuable in its own right. 

​I love to give the gift of sound for enjoyment and any healing benefits that it can bring. Together with an open mind and an open heart I offer you sound as an opportunity to relax and let the sound create movement and the movement create change.