The Gongs

The sounds emanating from the gongs are difficult for the human brain to follow. You may drift off to a deep relaxing sleep or meditative state. This may happen a few times during a gong bath session and everyone’s experience will be different. It will also be different for the same person each time that they have a gong bath. It is very good at relieving stress, easing pain, and when the planetary gongs are used they can result in psychological and emotional changes.The Paiste Gongs that I use play during a session are a mixture of planet, symphonic and wind gongs.

Pheonix Sacral Chakra Gong - 38" Tuned to "D"  (Hand crafted by Michal Milas)
Amazing Sacral Chakra gong with pheonix engraved into the bronze surface with Sacral Chakra symbol. Associated with relationships, love, compassion, emotional stability, sensuality, intimacy and connection. Located in the pelvic area.

Paiste Symphonic Gong – 38” Symphonic gongs contain the fullest range of tones; these create a mysterious, expanding and harmonious blend of resonating tones, bringing wisdom and purity. The Symphonic gong is an amazing healing gong and a fantastic 'all-rounder'.

Sun Gong 38"  (B1) The Sun gong works on the solar plexus and heart chakras. It strengthens our sense of purpose and will power and develops one's vision. It is energising, purifying, opens the heart and promotes self confidence and personal power. It is associated with astrological sign of Aries.

Earth Gong 38”  (C sharp) The sound is mysterious dark and unfathomable, yet knowing and kind (tuned to the 'Om' of the universe). It opens the heart and promotes development of compassion and love in its purest form. It also helps with balance, alignment and renewal.  It is a very grounding gong connecting us with the earth. It is associated with the heart chakra.

Pluto Gong – 36” (C Sharp 2) The Paiste Pluto 36 inch gong facilitates transformation of energy or a situation within, integrating new ways of being. Pluto stands for growth and transcendence. Pluto breaks down the old and aids the rebuilding process on a new and higher level. It is tuned to the note C Sharp and is associated with the star sign of Scorpio. It is also associated with the root/base chakra.

Mercury Gong - 32” (C Sharp) The Mercury 32 inch gong symbolises our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. The Mercury gong is a great healing gong in its own right. It supports clear speech, good communications, understanding, intelligence and analytical ability. It is associated with the throat chakra and the astrological sign of Virgo.

​Pluto and Mercury gongs are similarly tuned within a few hertz of each other and combine very well. They are very grounding and effective healing gongs. Together they help to develop our intellectand mental curiosity, heighten passion, aid in depth research and communication. They also purify us on many levels.

Mars Gong 32"   (D2) The Mars gong helps to direct energy and will power, it promotes self-mastery, courage and the accomplishment of goals. It is an exciting and energising gong that works on the third eye chakra and is associated with the astrological sign of Aries.

Neptune Gong – 24” (G Sharp 2) The Neptune gong is the mystic, the visionary, and when played enhances intuitive skills. It improves creativity, inspiration and imagination. Neptune is associated with the sacral and crown chakras and the astrological sign of Pisces.

Venus Gong 24"   (A2) Venus gong helps achieve balance, it works on the sacral and third eye chakras. It is comforting, helping to connect to ones spiritual self, leading to more meaningful relationships the self and others. It is associated with astrological sign of Taurus.

Wind Gong 40"     Tuned to notes C and G   it is a wonderfully Earthy gong that produces deep earthy sounds. It helps to balance us and our opposites within us of  Masculine/Feminine, Yin/Yang

By prior appointment all of the above gongs are available to listen to and be played. 

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