Sally free is a gong artist whom I met on my holistic journey in 2015.
I have had several gong baths and each time it has been an amazingly healing experience.
During the gonging my body mind and soul feel so at peace. The vibrations go through me and it feels incredible. At the end of the gonging I always think oh I wish that those sounds could continue as it's so wonderful.
The power of the gongs to heal is beautiful and would recommend everyone try this and see how you feel afterwards.
Also the detoxing of the body continues for days. Often I have a nap afterwards and the sleep is so deep.

             Julia O - December 2017

I have received both a gong bath and a singing bowl session with Sally, both were truly wonderful experiences. During the sessions i felt completely relaxed and after the sessions I felt energised and clear. Sally really knows her stuff, i knew I was in safe hands with a proffessional sound therapist. Sally has a lovely nature and makes you feel completely at ease. I recommend her highly and I will definitely be returning to see her myself x

             Star J - May 2017

'Meeting Sally and the wonderful gongs that produce the most ethereal sounds have completely changed my life. I cannot get enough of them. The all night gong baths are totally amazing and a great way to relax and just let the sound wash over you. I use it as part of my pain management for Fibromyalgia, I find that by having regular gong baths the pain melts away, allowing me the opportunity to get on with my life. Thank you.

           Jane Taylor I - May 2017

Gong baths deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Help balance your emotions during difficult and challenging times. Sally is an amazing practitioner. She is very spiritual, warm and encompassing. She makes people feel special and safe. Try it!!. 
Thanks Sal. Xx

          Meriel E - May 2017

I have been visiting Sally at Lupton house for her gong bath for about 2 years and will be attending the all night gong Puja for the 2nd time. The gong bath is soothing healing and intense. It's my time, it's time to stop, time to reevaluate, and the resonating sounds course through the body helping and healing. It truly is a beautiful experience and worth trying if you have never been before. Sally Free is so calm warm and kind and this just adds to the positive experience that the gong bath brings xxx

          Josie G-S - May 2017

Sally provides a beautiful space where I can truly relax and let go of the stresses and strains of modern day living. Inner peace always returns to me after a gong bath. It has become a very important part of my life to help maintain my health and well being. Thank you so much Sally
          Rebecca Box. 42 years old. Tuning Fork Sound Therapist

I have been having a sound bath with Sally Free now for ten months, as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my feet I do feel quite a bit of pain, so imagine my delight when I discovered the sound bath relieves the pain and leaves me feeling totally relaxed. It is a truly magical experience I would recommend it. Thanks Sally
          Michelle X

Gong Bath - (Sal's One Girl Orchestra!) I had not heard of a gong bath before I met Sally. She kindly offered to give me a treatment in her home, I loved it. I just lay there for an hour listening to these amazing sounds and vibrations. Every time my thoughts wondered I was brought back to the room and the here and now. I was left feeling very relaxed, slept better and since the treatment 3 days ago I feel calm and have a sense of wellbeing - FAB!
         Caroline Smith    Torquay

For me a gong bath is a sensation of being surrounded and filled with sounds, resonations and vibrations of the gongs. A feeling of safety and security allow a space within me to open up, to deeply relax and sometimes explore.
I have experienced different emotions, feelings and sensations with each session. I find multiple emotions highlighted and then brought to rest throughout the session. I have felt opened up, cleared, cleansed and bright, stimulated and rested. At times I have felt aches washed away. I recommend trying a session. Give it a go
          Janet  RGN

I found healing with sound to be very beneficial for problems with muscles and joints. following treatment from Sally this would prove beneficial for several days and weeks until receiving the next session.
Sally then introduced me to healing by sound in September 2013 with the unbelievable range of gongs which she possesses. This experience surpasses everything I have experienced previously. The special form of sound these gongs produce find a way to most every part of the body with immediate effect and benefits which last until the next session. The lasting relief and benefit is something to experience and anyone seeking healing should not hesitate in contacting Sally Free and making an appointment at the earliest opportunity.
         Roy June 2014