Chakra Journeying - Gongs and Tibetan Bowls - CD

Double CD now out 

CD 1  is a single track Gong Journey through the chakras (50 minutes)

CD 2 contains 4 tracks  1 Tibetan bowl chakra journey (29 minutes)

                                   2  Lower chakras gong journey shorter 15 minutes

                                   3 Middle Chakras gong journey 15 minutes

                                   4 Upper chakras gong journey 15 minutes

Gongs used on recordings as follows

38" Symphonic, Pluto, Phoenix, Sun, Earth, Mercury, Tam Tam, Mars. 

Be bathed in the rich sounds of the bowls and gongs (Best listened to with headphones on)

and journey through the Chakras 

Link for downloads

Price of hard copy of CD  -  £10 plus P&P

Dowloads sold separately - 

Gong Meditation Journey through the Chakras with Spoken Introduction (50 minutes) - £1.99  

Tibetan bowl track - £1.49, 

Mini Lower, Middle or Upper Chakra AscensionJourney with Gongs  (15 minutes) - £0.99 each 

Full CD - £5.99

Please note that currently the Shamanic Journeying CD has a plain white cardboard cover only


Shamanic Journeys with Drums and Gongs - CD

Christa MacKinnon, from, and myself Sally Free, have developed a unique way of combining drums and gongs for journeying. All recordings are 20 minutes long and include a brief introduction. All recordings can be used to journey to the upper, middle or lower worlds. 

Full Set: Drum and Gong Journey, Drum Journey & Gong Journey