Gong Sound Healing

The Gongs wonderful tones, resonance and complex harmonics penetrates through the body.  The sounds create timelessness, bliss and rejuvenation. It relieves the stresses of every day life and revitalizes the immune and nervous system

They are also therapeutic on many levels including physical, emotional and spiritual.

The gong can also be used to clear blockages within the aura and chakra system, as it works on many levels. 

When the gong is played in an authentic, connected way (putting the ego aside) it can put the person receiving the healing into a meditation, the mind goes into an altered state of consciousness very quickly even if the receiver is unaware of it.

The gong is a very sacred and versatile instrument, the wonderful gentle sounds creating a healing environment.

During a gong healing session you do not remove any clothing except for your shoes. A variety of gongs will be used creating beautiful sounds just for you. The most important thing to do during a session is to relax and allow the sounds to do their work. Some people fall asleep and that is fine, it means that they are totally relaxed and have surrendered.

Other instruments may be used during the healing session such as Himalayan bowls and bells, along with shakers, rain columns and chimes, what ever is right for you at that time.

People may experience many different things during a gong healing session; these include total relaxation, with maybe feelings of upliftment, release and/or emotional freedom. We are all individuals and any form of healing is a very personal experience and will vary from one person to another.